What’s the message on the wall

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Urban landscape photowalk looking through the transparent walls with graffiti. These walls serve a purpose with messages from the public.

📷: Canon Elan 7

🎞: Kodak TMAX400

📅: March 2022 (Dev: Xtol Sep 2022)

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Welcome to the US

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After flying overseas on a one way trip. Selling cars, gifting household furniture and say farewell to friends and family. I have been pleasantly gifted beautiful weather and friendly faces in the neighbourhood.

That’s a wrap – Thank you , Merci, Grazie, Gracias

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It’s been a long journey in the full-time Navy (25 years) That said the next chapter is in full swing as it’s official that we are relocating to Washington DC shortly, where I’ll take the official role of cultural experience officer and tour guide.

This role is well suited while I investigate the history and culture within the US. And if we have visitors I’ll be well equipped to host a tour for all occasions.

To mark the occasion I have been using my trusty countdown timer for iPhone. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/countdown-star-ad-free/id569371565