What about film cameras?

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Recently I was going through old boxes with camera gear that I have collected over the years. I love buying old film cameras. This has renewed my passion for film developing. What about film cameras? Why do people collect them? Some are heavily used, while others are simply old and should never have been manufactured in the first place.

All cameras were made with a purpose in mind including a specific user group. Unless the manufacture made these cameras to push the company brand out on the masses.

Comparing that to today with the current era of cameras. The user specs are so high making it difficult to decide what upgrade the photographer should get resulting in getting the users all excited. The current and emerging fanboys of having the latest gear, the best series lens.

Does this really matter? I have seen so many amazing images captured from stunning photographers that knew the tradecraft so well yet I still know individuals that want the best even so they can talk the talk. The simple 35mm film works so bloody well. Do we really need the latest camera gear?

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